Swiss Federal Railway Trials First Digital Identity Pilot on Ethereum


Picking up where digital identity left off in the City of Zug with the implementation of the first government verified citizen ID, the Swiss Federal Railway SBB has been exploring how to implement its first blockchain use cases.Together with Linum Labs, SBB wanted to explore a solution specifically around certifications for its employees that work on railway tracks, while simultaneously venturing into their first decentralised pilot project on the Ethereum blockchain.

The following video explores a worker, Hans Muller’s journey, in using uPort, the Ethereum Blockchain, and a web interface to certify his identity and railway certification. Further details are included in our Medium article here (…).

At Linum, we believe that self-sovereign identity will be the cornerstone of a new decentralized infrastructure. This pilot is a first step in the direction for any enterprise wanting to experiment with these systems, and has proven that there is business value that can be captured today. For us, the SBB pilot is the beginning of a journey to leverage existing self-sovereign identity solutions effectively to challenge the status quo in a wide range of industries.

If you’re interested in enterprise or government implementations in identity, we’d love to talk to you.If you would like to learn more, have specific questions on this particular use case, or possibly looking into a digital identity pilot, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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