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50X Exchange Features

50X.com Exchange has a lot of useful and unique features that will make your crypto trading experience much more enjoyable and profitable! It is the first cryptocurrency exchange and crypto liquidity aggregator in the world that allows you to trade any listed coin for any other without extra conversion operations. This technology is UNIQUE and there is no other similar exchange in the world right now.

The exchange pays out 100% of the income as dividends to STE tokens holders. If you also want to receive passive income read this guide: How to buy STE Tokens for dividends?

The exchange is really unique and great. It offers a lot of useful features that will make your trading experience amazing:

Any to Any trading

Any To Any” (A2A) technology allows to buy or sell any cryptocurrency listed on 50X for any other from this list DIRECTLY, without extra conversions. This is an extremely useful feature if you want to move your assets from one coin to another within seconds. The exchange allows doing this with only one trading operation! You can trade any coin for any other without restrictions!

  • You don’t need to transfer your funds to other trading platforms. You don’t pay extra deposit and withdrawal fees.
  • You do the conversion with only one trading operation and thus pay only trading commission.
  • This is fast and profitable. You can benefit from good opportunities in any coin much faster.

A2A Technology is UNIQUE and there is no other exchange in the world offering a similar feature.

Liquidity Aggregator

50X.com uses special technology to gather the best orders from TOP cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. This increases overall liquidity a lot. Right now the exchange is connected to BittrexBinanceHuobi. There are more interfaces ready for connection to 12 extra trading platforms and these interfaces will be activated if it’s needed.

Everybody can see this external liquidity in order books and everybody can benefit from it. This is an extremely useful feature for any “whale”.

Large Number of Pairs

“Any to Any” (A2A) technology leads to a large number of trading pairs. Right now there are only 17 coins listed. That means you can trade in 272 unique pairs. The closest goal is to increase the number of coins to 100 which will give 10 000 trading pairs in total!

The own liquidity pool and external liquidity aggregator helps to maintain enough level of liquidity for any existing pair.

Increased Safety Level

Developers pay a lot of attention to the safety of traders’ funds. The majority of the funds are stored in cold wallets.

Wallet and Trading Interfaces

50X.com offers two types of interfaces: simple wallet interface for crypto newbies and professional trading terminal for experienced traders. The cool thing is that the wallet interface also allows a user to benefit from ALL ADVANTAGES of the exchange including Any to Any conversions, external liquidity pool and so on.

Interface Customization

50X is the first crypto trading platform which allows customizing the colors of the User Interface. You can not only switch between light and dark templates. You can also change all the colors and make the interface look like you want. You can even export and import templates!


If you have a trading robot you can connect it to 50X using API. This also increases the overall liquidity. Visit the official support group for more details.

As you see, the exchange has many COOL and UNIQUE features. The platform will definitely be able to become one of the TOP exchanges in the whole world.


The project has two different tokens:


STE Token is a security token. It allows holders to receive a part of the exchange’s income as dividends. If you are looking for a good source of passive income – this is for you.

More about STE Token


A2A Token is a utility token. It allows you to lower trading fees by 50%. It’s the analog of BNB token of Binance.

Start Trading on 50X Exchange

50X Exchange Referral Program

50X.com Referral Program allows you to invite new traders and new affiliates to the exchange and get HUGE rewards from their activity. This program is one of the best right now. It has many advantages over the other offers you can find on the market. It offers high payouts and it’s multilevel meaning you can build your own network and earn a lot!


There are three ways you make money at 50X Referral program. You receive up to 40% of the commissions your affiliates pay to the exchange, up to 25% of your affiliates referral income and 5% of your affiliates’ purchases at the STE Shop.

Reward from the commissions:

You receive a percentage of the commissions your affiliates pay while trading on 50X Exchange. In each payment period (daily) the exchange calculates the number of active users registered with your link and raise your reward level.

  • Level 1: If you have invited 10 active users or less, your reward is 25%. This level is basic.
  • Level 2: If you have more than 10 active users, your reward will be 30%.
  • Level 3: If you have more than 100 active users, your reward will be 35%.
  • Level 4: If you have more than 1000 active users, your reward will be 40%.

Inviting active traders can be very rewarding. If the people you invite trade every day, you will be receiving passive income regularly.

Reward from your Affiliates

Additionally, you can invite new partners: people who want to promote the exchange. The system tracks all your partners that were invited for an infinite number of levels in the referral chain and each level gets 25% of the sub-level rewards. There is no cap on the amount of commission paid. The more you recommend the more you get.

Reward from STE Shop and A2A Shop purchases

If your affiliate buys STE Tokens in the STE Shop you receive 5% of the sum he spends on making a purchase. If you have found an investor who wants to spend 10 ETH for STE Tokens you will get 0.5 ETH right after his purchase.

Extra Terms

The referral system tracks and counts ALL THE ACTIVITIES of your affiliate. If the person you invite trades and then starts attracting new traders building his own network you will be rewarded for both activities. If he decides to make a purchase in the STE Shop later on you will also be rewarded!

You can not use your own referral link to buy tokens. Balance check and payments are in real time. Minimal reward to be credited to your account from one trade is 0.00000001 ETH. The maximum amount of the trading commissions to be distributed to the partner’s chain is 50%.

The system says that the biggest payment to a partner is 250 ETH, so it’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY.

Join 50X Referral Program! Start earning money NOW!

Be one of The First

50X Exchange is one of the best places for trading crypto! It offers many great innovations that make trading process easier and more profitable. The cool thing is that the exchange has just opened the doors. Only a few people know about it…

YOU CAN BE THE FIRST to tell the world about this amazing trading platform. It is a great chance to become one of the early partners and start promoting 50X right now before it gets too popular.

It’s very important to act in time, so don’t miss your chance! If you start promoting today, you may build a big affiliate business that will be giving you regular PASSIVE income.

The Highest Rewards

The rewards you receive from 50X are much higher than other crypto referral programs offer. For example, CEX.io offers 30% reward, Binance launched with 50% partner reward but then they cut the percentage to 20% after they became famous. As you see most of the exchanges are greedy and don’t want to share their income.

50X is a publicly owned platform and it makes things FOR THE PEOPLE. It offers the BEST affiliate rewards that will not be changed over time. You will always have your 50% partner share in this business.

Build YOUR Affiliate Network

Every partner can build his own affiliate network! Invite new partners and receive up to 25% of the income they receive. There is no other exchange with such a sweet offer!!!

How to join?

Step 1: Visit the page of 50X Referral program using the link below

Join 50X Referral Program NOW!

Step 2: Enter your own Ethereum address that you wish to use for receiving your payouts. The system will generate a unique affiliate link and will connect the link to this address. The promotional links will appear on the screen.

Register as a new Partner

Step 3: Spread the links among your friends, promote the exchange on YouTube, blogs, and forums.

When a user clicks your link the system generates a session for that user. Even if he/she leaves the site and comes back later, the system will recognize that it’s your affiliate.

How to check affiliate balance?

You need to return to the main page of the Referral Program and enter your Ethereum address once again. The system will display overall income, amount of all your withdrawals and current unpaid balance. The balance updates are in real time.

How to withdraw income?

You can withdraw affiliate income if you have more than 0.01 ETH unpaid. Once you have met this requirement, you will see a [Withdraw] button below your balance (you need to check the balance first). Click this button and this will initiate the payout. Your income will arrive to the Ethereum address associated with your account automatically within a day.

Now you know everything to start promoting 50X. Be active, invite new traders, investors, and partners. Your income depends on you. If you wish you can turn this great opportunity into a source of passive income. Don’t wait! The market is hot right now and you may become one of the early partners of this amazing project.

To 50x.com: https://go.50x.com/10427

To the STE SHOP: https://go.50x.com/ste/10427

50×50 referral program: https://go.50x.com/ref/10427


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