Top 3 Successful Token Sales of 2018

With more than 300 token sales the market of ICO is getting bigger and mature. According to the research by the Harvard School of Business it is found that by the 2020 more than 1000 ICO will come in the market. If we talk about 2018, the concept of initial coin offering proving master stroke and Blockchain startups raising millions for their projects. In this post we are introducing top three successful token sales of 2018.


Launched on 1st March 2018, Bankera is the most successful ICO project. During crowd sale Bankera’s Lithuanian team managed to raise over $150 million from over 100,000 people interested in helping fund their vision. Leveraging the power of Blockchain technology, Bankera is the banking platform that allows user to transact Cryptocurrency without any hassle.


Developed by the dexterous team of professionals, Elastos is the state-of-the-art platform which is developed using power of the Blockchain technology. It is a secure blockchain operating system that will help people to “turn digital assets into wealth.”


 Their solution is basically to pack shipping containers with cheap, scalable mining hardware, and deliver those shipping containers anywhere in the world where they can access cheap, abundant sources of energy. Envion is using patented cooling technology to make their containers more efficient than traditional data centers, capitalizing on areas of excess solar energy, and, of course, organizing it all via a decentralized system.

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