Concept/Idea – ICO checklist: blockchain startup guide


The idea behind an ICO project is a determining factor for a successful tokensale  and by extension  community acceptance of the project.

Your business idea needs to solve a problem or a need in the marketplace to be viable. It doesn’t have to be an already identified space that is crowded by big and stable companies, the blue ocean. A shift from the blue ocean to an entirely new market space will put your Business in a place of leadership for others to emulate. Look out for ideas that are different and has huge market potential. To help you narrow down your idea to the best use this strategy.

  1. List pain-points or problems the project is trying to solve
  2. Define the needed solutions to the listed problem statement
  3. Articulate and define the project idea
  4. Define use cases for the project and token
  5. Give the project a name and an identity(logo)

Following this guidelines you will be able to identify a market and create a product that a investors will be willing to support.

Next we will be  how to build a team for your project.

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Written by Jacob Abiola

Frontend Dev| co-founder of Swapplly| ICO Advisor |

ICO Checklist- Blockchain startup guide

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