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What is Token0x Platform?

With Toxen0x platform you don’t need to be a Solidity programmer in order to create a secure smart contract for crowdsale – Generating of Smart Contracts (ERC20 Token + Sale). Just fill a form with required information and get token and crowdsale contracts generated automatically.


Get all benefits of listing. SEO optimization will help people find your project.

Panel Contribution

Let people contribute directly to the platform. You do not need to create a special page for it.


Give people a chance to review your project. It will help the community to understand the value from different voices.


Token0x is not a centralized platform. Now you are located on one node with specific rules. Other nodes can communicate with each other and promote your project worldwide.


– SEO optimization
– KYC functionality
– Whitelist functionality
– Escrow
– Contribution Page
– Automatic Metamask detection
– Referral Functionality
– ICO Peer to Peer functionality
– Platform management via telegram
– Open API
– Support
– More…


Join the Community and learn more about Token0x Platform and Project !

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