Korea’s first Blockchain BosCoin Launches ARIST, an Independant Research Institute

Korea first Blockchain BosCoin Launches ARIST

ARIST — Independent Research Lab

Update: ARIST was previously announced to be located in KAIST. ARIST will be located near KAIST, and established as an independent research lab.

ARIST(Advanced Research Institute for Social Trust) is a research institute established by BlockchainOS under the BOS Platform foundation in Zug, Switzerland. ARIST will build a responsible organization centered on major research fields and promoting growth as a community research institute that can conduct world-class research independently in a horizontal structure.

ARIST will conduct research on Consensus protocol, Trust Contract, Privacy Technology and Public Financing which are the main parts of BOScoin Platform based on Blockchain.

Acquisition of KoSAC (Korea Smart Authentication Corporation)

KoSAC (Korea Smart Authentication Corporation) possesses world-class technology in the field of Homomorphic Encryption. BOS Platform is the largest shareholder, and through this strategic partnership — KoSAC’s technology will be the first KYC and one person / one vote ballot system integrated into any blockchain platform. This technology will expand the usability of the BOS Platform by allowing data privacy on the BOScoin blockchain.

The Homomorphic Encryption Algorithm is considered one of the most promising solutions to solve the problem of data privacy on the blockchain. BlockchainOS will work with KoSAC, one of the world’s leading researchers in the field, to create the future vision of the BOS platform.

BOS Platform Development updates


We expect testNet to be released in early June. Once we release testNet, we will have a written tutorial published on how to setup the node software. Scott, our community manager, will be in Korea during the launch, and will have the most up to date information, and direct access to the developers right after we launch if you have any issues.

There is no exact date for mainNet. CTO will publish a new development timeline, but our focus is getting testNet ready for release. TestNet will launch with our consensus protocol ISAAC. We will add Trust Contracts, and our governance system to testNet in the months following testNet launch. MainNet will be released once we’ve successfully integrated all of our platform features into testNet, and we are confident we have a secure, and stable Platform.

Exchange Updates


We were listed on Whalex last week with BOS/ETH with other trading pairs in development.


2Xchange, is in internal beta testing, and we don’t have any new information to share on their development. When they move to public beta we will put that in a future newsletter.

Other Exchanges

Whalex and 2Xchange are focused on the Korean market, but we have another exchange (international client base, not a Korean or Chinese exchange) which is almost ready to list us, but we can’t tell you it’s name due to our NDA. Once they give us the ok, we’ll announce it. We are working with several other exchanges on the listing process, and regulatory compliance. Our work continues on exchange listings, and we will give the community what updates we can, but we won’t be able to say much about exchanges until the exchange official announcement. This is the same for every project.


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