SwissBorg: The new era of cyber wealth management with smart contracts

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SwissBorg ICO

SwissBorg project aim to revolutionize wealth management solutions with a community centric approach powered by Ethereum.

Business overview


For decades, the Investment Management industry was ruled by few players who controlled the market and did not put investors at front. They offer no flexibility, no transparency, no good liquidity terms and imposed high fees structure to their clients. At the height of the financial crisis, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper : “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. Since then Cryptocurrencies has grown exponentially, became a promising emerging asset class. But it keeps on generating confusion and misunderstanding. Bitcoin and Blockchain are different, the later can support a wide range of application and will do to the financial system what the Internet did to the information system.


There is a need for trusted intermediary capable of monitoring, managing and advising: SwissBorg. A community centric cyber wealth management focused on providing tailor-made Investment strategies and wealth management solution. Our disruptive Bank will be based on meritocratic system and offer top of the line services that were before reserved to an elite.


Switzerland, number one country in wealth management and leading country for innovation and direct democracy.


A team of brilliant entrepreneurs coming from prestigious Hedge funds, Banks, Tech companies with extensive blockchain and FinTech background.


We are currently working on our first Global SBCI Mandate and will soon offer Pre-ICO deals for investors with over 20 BTC. Thanks to the ICO, anyone could become a community member of SwissBorg and receive dividends/voting rights.

Philosophy and business practice


We believe that each member of our community should be rewarded in tokens based on his or her contribution to our universe.


We believe that everyone should bepart of our community and easily access the eco-system from everywhere at any time and with no minimum investment commitment.


We are based in Switzerland and proud to carry some of it values such as reliability, precision and forward thinking.


We believe that trust is the sine qua non condition of any human interaction and we strive to provide the highest ethical standards.


We believe that each person is unique and should have a tailor-made service that fits his orher requirements.


We believe that in order to give the best services, to scale and to avoid human error, automation is a crucial step.


We believe that the Swarm intelligence will bring trading, governance and strategy to the highest level.


We believe that AI and our 50 years experienced trading team will provide best in class hybrid quantitative strategies.

Visit SwissBorg for more info about this project and coming ICO

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