Bitcoin Suisse AG – Zug Switzerland

What They Do

Bitcoin Suisse AG Zug Switzerland
Bitcoin Suisse AG Zug Switzerland

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a privately owned registered Swiss legal entity in the form of a shareholder company.

Bitcoin Suisse AG  is alternative finances / non-banking assets outside of the traditional financial system and banking establishment, so-called “decentralized finance” or “digital finance.”

Their focus is Bitcoin, but they can also service and advise in the field of other crypto-currencies and physical precious metals. They provide financial services, such as acting as intermediary in financial transactions.
They also provide consulting and solutions based on decentralized technology. They drive a project to establish Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) in all the large Swiss population centers.

They also issue physical Bitcoin Certificates. Bitcoin Suisse AG is your Swiss partner in regard to Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and decentralized finance!

Baar, July 28th, 2014
Bitcoin Suisse AG became a member of the VQF (Switzerland’s most reputable SRO) and got permission to launch a Swiss Bitcoin ATM network – as well as operating as a licensed financial intermediary and asset manager

Digital Finance Compliance Association

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a member of the Digital Finance Compliance Association (DFCA), which comprises the industry leaders in Swiss Digital Finance.
DFCA’s stated purpose is to bring together members of the industry, help create regulatory certainty in cooperation with the regulatory authorities – and to establish standards and best practices for a compliant and regulated digital finance industry.
Articles of the association

Their Services

To serve their clients in the best possible manner most of their services are individually tailored for each individual client.

Their services are primarily centered in the following range of categories:


They specialize in large-scale brokerage – both via bank and cash transactions.


We offer one of the most customer-friendly and responsive trading desks for high-net-worth individuals in the field of crypto-currencies


They offer a unique chance to receive training and education on blockchain technology and crypto-currencies from experts in the field


As Technical Advisors, they help you understand the possibilities of blockchain technology and assess the consequences for your business, as well as identify and quantify the potential.


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